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Speed Test and Browser Requirements

Thank you for taking the West Virginia Broadband Speed Test. Your feedback will be very helpful as we develop broadband access in West Virginia.

We would like to have some basic information about your location and internet connection. Please answer the questions on this page then click the button above to open the speed test. Some fields are required (marked with a *) and must be completed before the speed test will open.

The tool will test your internet connection and submit the results along with your additional information you supply.

Your bandwidth may be adversely affected with multiple devices accessing the Internet at the same time, thus resulting in an inaccurate test result. Please ensure that only the computer or device you are using is connected to your broadband/internet during the speed test. When running the speed test, please refrain from using any other devices to access your broadband connection, such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, videogame consoles, and other internet-streaming devices.

If you would like to take the test without submitting any information, use this link to start the test.

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